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Hindsight Inc. was founded in 1988 and exclusively provides professional management and technology consulting services to the public sector. For over 25 years, Hindsight has been deploying their experience in helping non-profit organizations to improve quality of service and streamline administrative systems. At Hindsight, we consider our customers/clients business partners, focusing our efforts to ensure project success.

Similar to the private sector, public sector organizations are challenged to improve the satisfaction levels of their constituents, citizens, students and businesses. At the same time, budget cuts and the current economic environment are forcing public sector organizations to continually seek administrative efficiencies, improve technology and reduce costs. Hindsight provides the services necessary to accomplish this and more.

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Project Management

Strategic Management


Project Management

As a major supplier of network consulting, integration, and management, Hindsight has developed Project Management as a basic core competency throughout the entire organization.  Recognizing the range of increasingly complex interrelated activities that require sophisticated management, Hindsight has expanded its capabilities by establishing Program Management as a broader discipline.

Programs and Projects are the means by which Hindsight Inc. delivers integrated technology-based solutions.  There is a continuum that begins with small projects and ends with large programs.

Programs contain multiple projects and encompass enterprise-wide operations.  The complexities and greater challenges associated with Program Management demand that a program be managed as if it were a business in its own right.

Project Management is provided by Hindsight’s Project Management team. Projects typically involve the installation and integration of standard hardware and software at the customer’s site, per specification.  The focus of a Hindsight Project Manager is on the coordination of products and services from Hindsight and its suppliers to deliver a pre-specified network.

Strategic Management

Hindsight Inc. provides coaching in all areas of strategic management. Strategic management is a process of formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enables the organization to define and achieve its mission, and ultimately to create value.

  • Establish the vision and mission of the organization: Identify the reason for the organization or business unit and what it aspires to become.
  • Perform a situation analysis: Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the organization or business unit and scan its external environment.
  • Set objectives and craft strategy: Determine the future direction of the organization and how it will achieve its mission and vision.
  • Implement the strategy: Execute the chosen strategy in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Assess the success of the strategy: Determine whether the strategy has created value and provide feedback for corrective action if necessary.

Hindsight’s consultants have many years of experience in the public sector and can assist in developing plans that will enhance your operations.


Hindsight employs highly skilled personnel with expertise in systems integration and management, network operations and security as well as data protection. Hindsight’s technicians are well known for their commitment to customer satisfaction and client relationships. The company’s mission is to build trust into client relationships by offering absolute commitment to excellence in performance and products.

Today, outsourcing is a key strategy for public sectors seeking to turn information technology into efficient service delivery. As a leading network technology integrator in the public sector, Hindsight specializes in providing advanced network design, implementation and management services – including network administration, software rollouts, network integration, server administration, backup, communications integration, Internet services and consultation, and help desk services. Our knowledge and expertise accommodate a wide range of technical requirements, from conservative legacy network improvements to deployment of leading-edge technologies. Hindsight can deliver flexible and scaleable network solutions via an open standard system of hardware and software products.

We have particular expertise in telecommunications security, firewall design and maintenance; Network monitoring, performance management, traffic analysis, capacity planning, documentation and crisis diagnosis as well as resolution. Hindsight offers all the support services needed for you to meet your voice, video and data needs.

  • Consulting
  • Network Architecture Planning
  • Program Management / Project Management(Implementation)
  • Structured Communications Cabling System Design
  • Network Management

Hindsight has proven its ability to assist a wide variety of its customers in achieving significant increases in productivity and reducing costs. Hindsight accomplishes this by creating sophisticated, high-quality information networks that are modular, robust, and flexible enough to manage current and future information needs. Hindsight’s customers include government agencies and educational institutions.